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The OKO Art Studio provides INTERIOR DESIGN, FREEHAND and CG VISUALISATION, INFOGRAPHICS, CINEMAGRAPHS, VISUAL WEB CONTENT, LITIGATION GRAPHICS (VCAT) and ANIMATION for developers and architects, urban planners, design teams and advertising agencies.

Our services range from ILLUSTRATION and GRAPHIC DESIGN such as architectural perspectives, conceptual drawings, 3D floor plans, photo retouching, location maps, site plans as well as design and print of brochures, fliers and posters, to multimedia services including creation of visual Web content, point of sale virtual tours, touch screen software systems and fly-by/walk-through animation.

  • Interior Design

    We design residential and commercial interiors by sketches, precise drawings and photorealistic perspectives. Our schedules, sample boards and conceptual drawings specify lighting, furnishing, styling and selection of interior and exterior colors and materials. We offer expert interior design advice and fine art consulting.

  • Visualisation

    On basis of your ideas we create realistic images and animation of spaces, objects and processes. We embed accurate details in pleasant atmospheres and exciting visual compositions. We make pictures that look good and represent your concepts in a best possible light. We allow you to fly and walk through spaces that do not exist.

  • Infographics

    We create information graphics, Gif animation, cinemagraphs and other Web visual conceptual content illustrating spaces, objects and processes. We make visiting your Web site an exciting visual experience. We make pictures that look good and represent your concepts in a best possible light.

  • Litigation Graphics

    By applying refined visualisation methodology, photography, geolocation and photogrammetry we produce highly accurate photomontages to support arguments in courtrooms and tribunals (Land and Environment Court, Expert Witness and VCAT presentations) as legal visual evidence. We represent you as VCAT expert witnesses.

  • Graphic Design and Printing

    Our graphic design and printing services aim to satisfy needs and aesthetic criteria of professionals in architecture. Our images, such as perspectives, conceptual drawings and 3D plans, are combined in eye-catching high end proposals, brochures and fliers, as well as outdoor and indoor displays such as posters, billboards, back-lit and real estate signs.

  • Animation

    We offer very fast, cost effective computer animation of nonexistent places, objects and processes for developers, real estate and marketing agencies, architects and town planning professionals. Our animation projects are commonly used in training, litigation and point of sale multimedia presentations and TV commercials.

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