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We are 25 minutes East from Melbourne CBD

Our studio and gallery are situated in East Burwood, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. You are welcome to visit us during regular working hours (from 9AM to 5 PM).

If you find Australia and Melbourne being too far please consider that, according to the Internet statistics, wherever you are, we are just a few milliseconds away.

In other words, we would be very happy to see you in our studio personally but, if you are too far to join us for a tea or coffee, the distance is certainly not an obstacle for excellent business relations. We quite easily do business over the net.

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Send us an Email
Simply E-mail us architectural plans and elevations of your project (PDF files) together with your contact details and we will contact you shortly.
Yes you can
Purpose of such projects is not merely to illustrate your ideas to other people but also to develop your own concepts during the process. This is where the computer technology has a significant advantage in relation to freehand paintings. Hence, if you would like to change the rendered wall with a brick wall or one roof tiles with other during the process you certainly would not be considered to be a fussy client. In case that you would like to develop a project over a longer period of time we can separate the project into stages: from Conceptual Visualisation (spacial studies) to Photorealistic Visualisation.
PDF is a usual format for exchange of 2D files
Please note, due to the diversity and often incompatibility of CAD formats we prefer the files to be in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). You should be able to export the plan views of your projects in up to scale PDF directly from your CAD program. Please note, the PDF plans have to be either with all dimensions or up to scale 1:100, 1:200 or 1:300.
Of course
Your comments are welcome and required for a successful realisation of the project. We usually have at least 2 revisions per project to avoid possible errors in interpretation. During the process low resolution images (similar to images on this web site) will be e-mailed to your to illustrate advancing of your project. 4 revisions are commonly included in basic project price. Projects in development charged on per hour basis are usually separated into stages and can have unlimited number of revisions.
We are fast
Please consider that different projects may require very different time frames for realisation. Some small visualisation projects we commonly refer to as "quick renders" may take just several hours to be completed (if no revisions are requested) while some may take several years ("projects in development"). In any case, we can follow your pace. At the time we set our quotations we will also suggest you a realistic time frame. Due to our state of the art software, hardware and refined work flows we work very fast and, above all, we respect negotiated deadlines.
Our usual animation projects are from 30 seconds to 5 minutes long
There is no specific rule that would suggest the necessary length for animation (be it prepared for projections or for individual browsing). Our basic animation package includes up to two minutes of walk-through (or/and fly-by) clip embedded in a simple multimedia presentation and most of our building clients find it quite sufficient for point of sale display room demos and for developing assertive arguments.
Animation clips for TV commercials are significantly shorter but they usually require more complex content, more planing and more editing to be prepared.