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We provide freehand and computer generated visualisation, advertising, design and multimedia art direction services,  to  developers and architects, urban planners,   design teams and   advertising agencies.

Our services range from illustration and graphic design such as architectural perspectives, conceptual drawings, 3D floor plans, photo retouching, location maps, site plans as well as design of brochures, fliers and posters, to multimedia services including corporate and project CDs/DVDs, Web sites, point of sale virtual tours, touch screen software systems and fly by / walk through animation...
We provide interior design, colour consulting and litigation graphics (VCAT) services.

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 In Short...
 What is this website about?


Visual arguments and presentations of architectural projects

Melbourne Restaurant Project. (Computer illustration commissioned by client wishing to stay anonymous)
Will a multiunit residential and commercial development fit into the old city surrounding?

Target, warehouse and office building.
Industrial presentations have to balance functional and aesthetic requirements...

El Prado Project, Brunswick. (Computer illustration commissioned by Carlos Constructions.)
Our perspectives sell your projects long before they are built...
El Prado project, Brunswick.

20 Napier, Essendon
Our Images are created for you...
20 Napier project, Essendon.

Overhead projections with animation and multimedia presentations
Many people can hardly visualise future buildings on basis of architectural plans. Even building professionals can sometimes find it very difficult to imagine how will a future building look like in an actual environment... Hence, it is not strange when neighbors, city counselors and prospective clients, who are usually not experts in architecture, do not understand 2D drawings done by architects... It is not to say that architects do not draw clearly or do not have clear ideas about spaces they are describing in their drawings... This simply suggests that our cultures seem to be more used to 3D images and perspective representations of space... It appears that people find images that imitate optic illusions of space and, hence, look like photographs being more 'realistic', more accurate and more descriptive...

We are a team of interior designers, fine art consultants and visual art professionals who specialise in such 'realistic' interpretations of your ideas and 2D architectural drawings... We create original concepts and realistic images and animation of spaces and objects that do not exist... Moreover, we embed the accurate representation of architectural details in pleasant atmospheres and exciting visual compositions... We make pictures that look good and represent your building projects in a best possible way... Our Visual Impact Analysis (complying with VCAT requirements) help solving costly disputes as a highly assertive visual presentation of your arguments... We help your projects achieve prices they deserve on the market, we help you sell your projects long before they are built, we keep your investors excited simply by the fact that they can see and walk through the spaces that are about to become real - the spaces that do not exist but are experienced just as they do...

You may need our services if you want to sell a building on the Internet, if you want to inform your potential customers, promote your building offer, support landscape or urban proposals or advertise particular building sites... You will find our services to be an invaluable advocate of your arguments in courtroom or tribunal disputes just as in everyday presentations of your ideas to your associates... These images are created for YOU and, hence, they represent YOUR arguments by substituting thousands of words that may or may not be heard...

We help you promote VISUAL CONCEPTS by application of the images in PRINTED MEDIA, CD ROM and INTERNET MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS... Our works insure that you never again run out of text when presenting you projects...

By browsing this site you can find out more about our INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES, you can visit our GALLERY OF ARCHITECTURAL PERSPECTIVES, you can browse some of our completed MARKETING and LITIGATION GRAPHICS PACKAGES in our GALLERY OF PORTFOLIO PAGES and see several projects including VR panoramas and animations in our MULTIMEDIA cluster.... There you can also learn more about the process of creating computer artworks...
Furthermore, you can browse our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), you can ORDER A VISUALISATION for your project and finally you can LOGIN AND MONITOR the progress of your project.


N   O   T   E   S

Realistic Impressions...

By ARCHITECTURAL PERSPECTIVES we understand images that are created on basis of architectural plans and elevations on principles of Linear perspective. Such images which imitate the optic principles of human eye are founded on Renaissance visual conventions (with one viewing point outside of pictorial space)... We create ARCHITECTURAL PERSPECTIVES by utilising traditional drawing and painting techniques combined with contemporary computer technology... We are using paints and pencils as well as 3D modeling (CAD) and 2D painting software... The final artworks can be works on paper and/or screen images such as the images you can see on these pages...

Virtual Reality...
Immersive Panoramas

Currently there are many software products on the market which apply digital stitching of photographs and their mapping on virtual spheres or cylinders to create the illusion of immersive 3D environments. Besides 3D walkthroughs and flyby animation which matured by recent high quality image compression technology, the VR panoramas are well established standard for architectural presentations in real estate. We are regularly using several different programs for mapping 2D computer generated and hand-painted panoramas... This is showing to be a popular, cheaper substitute for computer animation.

Click to browse the panorama
VR Panorama (35k)

No files...How can I send my plans?
Simply Cut and Fax them...

This is a frequently asked question with quite simple answer... If you have neither digital files of your plans nor the access to computer scanner you can simply cut the copies of your plans (building and site plans and elevations) in A4 strips and fax them to us one by one... We stitch them together and if you provide us the details such as the colour scheme (RGB numeric values or local Dulux, Bristol or Pantone names) we have enough information to start working on your project...
And, yes...
our phone/fax is:
(+61 3) 9802 3846
our e-mail is:

We are a truly international studio; we can claim that artworks by our artists can be found in offices and residences of all 6 continents... Just look for this sign of quality in one corner of best architectural visualisations:

Conceptual Drawings, Colour Consulting and Interior Design Services
Freehand and Schematic Presentation and Original Solutions for Your Projects

Highly defined computer visualisation is not adequate for all visualisation projects. Some projects demand less obligatory artwork, the artwork that present architects' visual ideas as developing forms rather than finished products or, simply saying, to illustrate particular concepts instead of appearances. Going beyond photographic realism into the realms of conceptual presentation should not mean compromising aesthetic quality. Our belief is that illustrating concepts can retain the charm of freehand expression and unpolished form.

Sketchy Interior. Click to open a separate window with a large image (120k).
Sketchy Interior.
(HTML, 120k)

Realistic view emarging from draft drawing.
Realistic view emarging from draft drawing.

Dromana project shadow analysis.
Shadow Analysis
(HTML, 50k)

Colour Schedule with Scheme and perspective. Click to open a separate window with a large image (50k).
Colour Schedule with Scheme and perspective.(HTML, 120k)

Site and Units Plan - Portfolio Page
Site and Units Plan - Portfolio Page

Doll-house View Perspective. Click to open a separate window with a large image (50k).
'Doll-house view' perspective. (HTML, 50k)
CONCEPTUAL DRAWINGS are images aiming to ILLUSTRATE IDEAS AS SIMPLE AS POSIBLE instead of creating photographic illusion of 3D spaces. In a way they are closer to architects schematic drawings then to photographs of actual spaces. Simple perspectives present spatial concepts as developing of ideas and as such, by being less obligatory, they are convenient representation of PROJECTS IN DEVELOPMENT.
When such images are preliminary sketches of future projects we refer to them as SPATIAL STUDIES. When such simple perspectives aim illustrating shadows dropped by architectural objects in different time of day or year we call them SHADOW ANALYSIS. If the purpose of such images is to illustrate our designers COLOUR SCHEDULES to be applied on future architectural forms we simply refer to them as COLOUR SCHEMES. When they present coloured and furnished plans we call them 3D FLOOR PLANS, 3D SITE PLANS or 3D LANDSCAPE PLANS. Such drawings are common part of ARCHITECTURAL PROPOSALS and PORTFOLIO PAGES and, since they have informative and aesthetic values, they are also applied as highly efective marketing tools.

Besides simply illustrating your ideas our team of designers can help you develop original concepts of future residential and commercial spaces. For more about our INTERIOR DESIGN and COLOUR CONSULTING SERVICES please see our INTERIOR DESIGN pages. To find out more about our Conceptual Drawings you are welcome to browse our IMAGES, PORTFOLIO and MULTIMEDIA pages.

Amazing Graphics
Canon and Epson prints

The low quality of digital output was until recently the principal excuse for avoiding computer visualisation. Differences in monitor gamma and unexpected settings of different printers made the printing of your digital files a kind of a gamble demanding a lot of patience and expenses to get the prints of reasonable quality. On the other hand with contemporary printing technologies that provide amazing results in resolution and colour accuracy this is not a problem any more... The Canon's and Epson's inkjet technologies we are using for high resolution perspectives allow us such sophisticated controls over the final result that this makes even our perfectionist team, educated on classical painting, very happy...
We are all proud when hanging our digital images on walls next to our paintings...

How do we do it?
ABC Computer Visualisation

If you are curious about the process of visualisation and techniques we usually apply in creating computer graphics you are welcome to visit our IMAGES or FAQ pages.

 Architectural Litigation Graphics
 VCAT Photomontage and Multimedia Presentations

LITIGATION GRAPHICS PACKAGE commonly consists of several artworks set as display graphics (exhibit boards) or multimedia presentations. Such images support verbal arguments in courtrooms and tribunals (Land and Environment Court, Expert Witness and VCAT presentations) as legal visual evidence.
By applying refined visualisation methodology, professional photography, GPS positioning and photogrammetry we produce highly accurate photomontages for VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) and can represent you as Expert Whitneses.

To find out more about our Litigation Graphics you are welcome to browse our PORTFOLIO page.

 Client Support Area
 The real time developing of your project
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logoIf you are currently waiting for your artwork then you can check how your project is developing here. The images which illustrate the advancing of your artwork as well as the artists comments are changing according to the information you have received together with the password (the image is usually updated every 24 hours).

So, IF YOU HAVE A PASSWORD AVAILABLE then you can check the status of the project right now by typing your password in the field above and clicking the 'login' button.


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